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Business Partners

Here are some of the other small businesses and sole proprietors who help make our Fall experience so much fun!


Pandarosa has provided Ted and Carl Wayne, the two miniature cattle staying on the farm this Fall. The ranch specializes in miniature cows and is owned by Travis and Danielle Heck of Buffalo, Illinois.

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Tarr Valley Farm have provided the miniature donkeys: Eby and Maggie. They specialize in mini to standard highland and panda influenced cattle. They also raise Australian Shepherd and Goldendoodle puppies.

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Priscila is the Pumpkin Creek Farms official photographer, and she's taken lots of lovely pictures of the farm for us to use on our website - including those on this page.

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Redbud City Coffee runs the coffee shed in our food court, and they not only design the drinks, but they also roast the coffee being served. 

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More Business Partners

Holy Smokes BBQ serves up delicious food during our open season

Jones Meat & Locker provides the BBQ seasoning used at Holy Smokes BBQ

Sno Biz in Sherman Illinois is also owned and operated by the Fleck family. Check them out next Summer for some great deals on season passes

> Click Here to see our great Country Store Vendors!

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