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Bookings filled for 2023!

Field Trip Tours are available Sept 12th - October 27th


Field Trip Tours

Learn and explore the farm on a guided field trip! This educational experience gives kids a hands-on day at the farm. This two and half hour adventure includes an apple cider and donut snack!

Each trip includes...


a hayride around the farm

Field Trip Schedule

Booking Information and Instructions:

Field Trip Bookings

Our two and a half hour field trips include a guided educational tour, donuts and cider, a hayride around the farm, play time with our farm-themed attractions, visiting the animals in our petting zoo, and a walk through our corn maze! 

* Due to the duration and educational aspect of our tours, Field Trips are designed for children ages 4 years old through 4th grade

We cannot accommodate parties with children under 4 years old, but they are more than welcome to visit the farm using a normal day pass or season pass with constant adult supervision according to our normal Farm Rules. 



$8/student (participant), $5/teacher or chaperone, 1 free teacher per group including homeschool groups. 


Payments can be made online or in person on the day of the event.


Field trip admission is a different cost from day passes, because it includes a guided educational tour as well as donuts and cider at a discounted price. 

Guests, parents, and siblings not associated with the school/organization and who are not accompanying the children as behavioral chaperones are welcome to use season passes or purchase day passes. They will not be included in the educational tour or snack time, and they may purchase drinks and food separately as desired. 

Important Information

  • Field trips are open to multiple groups at one time until the maximum capacity is filled. Please do not overbook the number of participants (students) we are able to accommodate. These capacities are set for the maximum enjoyment and safety of the students. 

  • Each group, all students and chaperones, must stay with the group tour during the duration of the trip. Classes can be split into separate groups if desired.

  • Any extra family members (siblings, children under 4, or adults who are not supervising the tour participants) should remain separate from the guided tour group and assume all normal responsibilities for monitoring children who are not participants in the field trip.

  • All guided tours will begin at the scheduled time. We are not responsible for accommodating participants who miss part or all of the the scheduled tour.

  • Rain Dates are scheduled with our Event Manager if the farm is closed due to weather the day of a Field Trip booking.

  • Season Passes are not valid as admission for participants (students) in a field trip. But can be used for adults attending the field trip.

  • Field Trip Bookings may be cancelled if there are less than 10 participants (students) booked for a single session. Our Event manager will contact you to reschedule in the event of a cancellation.

  • Gluten Free Donuts are available upon request for students on a field trip.

Bookings filled for 2023!
See you next year!

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