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Farm Safety & FAQ

While Pumpkin Creek Farms is a wonderful, fun place of adventure and fall memories, it is still a fully functioning farm - and that means there is a level of risk involved when visiting. We have animals that can be spooked, fields that can be hot or cause tripping, and even tall structures for climbing. 

Here are some quick Farm Safety Guidelines:

  • We ask that all guests use caution when visiting. Please watch for uneven turf, extension cords, or produce (such as pumpkin or gourds) on the ground.

  • All children under 14 need constant adult supervision - it's a large, public area with lots of attractions, animals, strangers, and open fields. Most of our activities are staffed, but they are not supervised. This is a great time to play right alongside your kids!  

  • Even on cooler days, we recommend staying hydrated. Bring lots of water, and if you forget, we always have water anywhere food can be ordered. We recommend drinking plenty of liquids before entering the Corn Maze.

  • It is usually much windier on the farm than in urban areas. Please bring appropriate clothing with ear muffs or hoods on cooler days. For young children, we recommend having coats or warm blankets in the car in case it's colder than you were expecting.

  • Pets are not allowed on the farm for their safety and for the benefit of our petting zoo animals. All pets will be asked to stay in a properly air-conditioned or heated vehicle during the duration of your visit. Service dogs will need to be wearing appropriate identification, and paperwork must be provided upon entering the farm. 

  • Please be respectful of our other guests, our family, and our staff. We know our lines can get long due to high demand for Fall fun, but please be courteous. Our staff is trained to work quickly under the pressure, and we are happy to have so many visitors each year!

  • Please be respectful of our Attractions and Petting Zoo Animals. They go through two months of constant interaction, so please have fun, but be gentle!

  • A Hay Ride and a Barrel Train drive around the property. Our drivers are trained, but please keep your party clear of their routes at all times. 

  • Can we bring pets to the farm?
    While we love pets, there are 2 reasons pets cannot visit the farm. 1) Some of our petting zoo animals are very sensitive to other animals, and they can become very skittish or stressed. They have been raised with a lot of human interaction, but other animals have been known to scare our smaller animals. 2) Our insurance provider has asked us only to allow service animals to visit the farm for the safety of both your pet and our other guests. There are a lot of loud noises, excitable kids (and adutls), and new smells on the farm! It can be a little too stimulating for some pets, and we would hate for anything bad to happen that might ruin your fun farm day or the day for another family. If you do have a service animal, please bring paperwork with you when picking up your admission tickets or season passes.
  • Do we need a reservation to come to the farm?
    You do not need a reservation; in fact, we do not take reservations. You can come anytime during our regular business hours when the season is open. (Mon-Thurs 10 AM-5 PM, Fri-Sat 10 AM-6 PM, Sun Noon-6 PM)
  • Do you have food available during the week?
    During the week, as well as on the weekends, we have food available in our food truck. Look at our menu to see what items are available at certain times of the week.
  • Are there days/times with lighter traffic?
    Typically, Monday-Wednesday mornings we have fewer visitors at the farm.
  • Do you have to pay admission to pick pumpkins?
    No, Our U-Pick fields are open for the picking anytime and are not a part of our activities area. Visitors can also browse the Country Creek Store or purchase food from our food trucks without an admission ticket.
  • Do you do parties, special events, or weddings?"
    Yes! Parties are held in our Party Area, which accommodates 50 guests. You can learn more or book here. Special event dates can be requested here. We do not book weddings at our farm at this time.
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