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Admission tickets grant access to all the attractions listed on this page! Our affordable prices make fall fun easy on the wallet and easy to plan! Season passes are available online or in-person anytime.

Season Pass

Only $22 each!

Single-day Pass (Fri-Sun):

$8 each

Age 65+: $6 each

Weekday Pass (Mon-Thurs)

$6 each



The Rat Race

A fun new activity where you can race your friends in a huge tube. You will feel just like a hamster running on a wheel!

Tug of War

See who is the strongest with our tug of war game. 


Compete with your family in a competitive game on a rope. Everyone can play.

Drink Hut

Now offering drinks in the activity area! You don't have to stand in a huge line for a single drink anymore! 

Snow Cones

We have some awesome fall flavored snow cones will will be offering on those warm days this year! 

Returning Attractions


Haystack Mountain

New location this year! Climb up one side then slide down the other on this fun obstacle course made with adventurous kids in mind! 


Pony & Tractor Swings

Swing on a tractor or a pony instead of a plain old swing, or try our new web swing with your friends.

Spiderweb Spiderman.JPG

Spider Web

Climb about like a superhero on our amazing spider web made from ropes and net!


Pumpkin Checkers

We have so many pumpkins that you can play checkers with them! A great activity to play when waiting for part of your group, or to teach younger kids a classic board game that's been played for so many generations!


Corn Maze

Enjoy a walk through our 7.5 acre maze and test you wits with our trivia game. NEW With a bigger maze, we now provide a marked Easy Path and a marked Difficult Path for those who might need an expedited exit.


Petting Zoo

We have some of the cutest animals to see in Central Illinois! We have chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep, miniature cows, and a miniature donkey! Feed the goats, pet the bunnies, and get ready to say, "AWWW!" at our mini pack animals. They may be too tiny and sweet to work a farm, but they sure do work our hearts. NEW! The Petting Zoo has a new, bigger barn that is less crowded for both guests and animals!


The Stadium

Come on out, show us your best pitch, your best spiral on the football section, or your best shot in our basketball section. 


Crazy Corn Bin

It's time to get whacky and have some fun! Somewhere between a sand box and a ball pit - the Crazy Corn Bin has been a favorite since Day 1 (that was 10 seasons ago!) 


U-Pick Pumpkin Patch

Did you even celebrate fall without picking out your very own pumpkins for the porch or the table? Finish off the perfect country day by exploring our huge pumpkin patch or by choosing from our pre-cut pumpkins up by the barn. 


Grain Tables

The Midwestern version of a sandbox - just cleaner, prettier, and more fun. Let your little ones get a healthy dose of tactile play as they slow down to look at the individual grains we all know too well in our food.


Growing Up Photo Mural

Keep a yearly journal of how much your kids have grown with our painted mural.


Duck Races

Who will win this time? Get moving quick in this fun, competitive game.


Hay Rides

A fall tradition that everyone enjoys - take a hay ride around our property and down to the pumpkin patch.
(Children 12 and under must ride with an adult)


Farmer's Market Playhouse

NEW Let your little ones learn and play in pretend farmer's market run by kids for kids! The "store" is equipped with registers, shopping baskets, and play produce.


Barrel Train Rides

All aboard! The barrel train is now leaving to tour the farm! Pulled by one of our trusting tractors, your kids can sit back from all that playing for a while to watch all the different activities going on around Pumpkin Creek. 

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