Opens September 9


Join us this fall

for Pumpkin Creek Farms' 4th year of new family traditions!

This is far and above our FAVORITE fall destination!
— Jim
Fun. Fun. Fun. Such a relaxing & safe atmosphere!
— Lisa

Activity Admission: $5 per person

(includes all activities listed on our activities page)

Love Pumpkin Creek? Season Passes are only $10 per person!

My daughters love this place, and it has become an annual event that we look forward to each fall!
— Stacy


New in 2017:

A 2nd food truck!

Because of such heavy traffic and huge support, we've purchased another food truck. That means shorter lines for faster eats and hotter meals. There'll be less waiting around and more running through corn mazes, riding the barrel train, and exploring the farm.

Even more pumpkins!

We planted even more varieties this year so you can find the perfect pumpkins to carve, cook, decorate, paint, or... anything else you do with pumpkins in the fall. Choose from our pre-picked pumpkins or make it an event with your family and pick them straight from the patch yourselves.

Share your recipes and decor ideas with us and our other farm-goers on Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, or Instagram!

A GPS generated corn maze!

You thought finding all the trivia for the last three years was difficult? This year we used GPS tracking for the first time to cut a more intricate maze in an even larger area. Make sure you stay hydrated and eat plenty of tasty food before going in!


The joys of fall are yours to



Pumpkin Creek Farms

7392 Barclay Rd
Sherman, IL, 62684
United States


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Definitely a 5 star place. Will be back soon!
— Trisha

Opening Day:

September 9


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